Hands that Speak

Manos que Hablan

Voices From the Upper Valley Dairy Farms.

Voces de las Granjas Lecheras del Upper Valley

María Clara De Greiff, Colombian-Mexican journalist and communicator, now a Spanish professor at Dartmouth College and co-founder of FUERZA Farmworkers’ Fund, gave herself over to the work of traversing the farms of the Upper Valley. There, hundreds of men and women from Mexico and Central America work tirelessly, contributing to the economic growth of the state of Vermont and that of the United States.

Hands that Speak contains the testimonies of those who, day by day, give their souls out of love for their families, proud and responsible Mexican men and women who remind us of a pending debt: that we cannot allow great men and women to flee their homeland because there aren’t sufficient conditions for a life with dignity.

Yolanda Gudiño Cicero

María Clara de Greiff Lara, comunicadora y periodista colombo-mexicana, ahora profesora de español en Dartmouth College y cofundadora de FUERZA Farmworkers’ Fund, se dio a la tarea de recorrer las granjas lecheras del Upper Valley, donde cientos de hombres y mujeres de México y Centroamérica trabajan incansablemente, contribuyendo al crecimiento económico del Estado de Vermont y de Estados Unidos.

Manos que Hablan contiene los testimonios de quienes día a día entregan el alma por amor a sus familias. Mexicanos y mexicanas orgullosos y responsables que nos recuerdan la deuda pendiente, no podemos permitir que los mejores hombres y mujeres huyan, porque no hay condiciones suficientes para la vida digna en sus tierras.

Yolanda Gudiño Cicero

Take a look to this preview of the book.  /  Mira este adelanto del libro.

Last year Dartmouth Professor, Maria Clara de Greiff Lara, was awarded a Faculty Research Award by the Leslie Center to write the book Hands that Speak: Voices from the Upper Valley Dairy Farms.   

Through chronicle, story-based inquiry, photo documentation, oral history, and critical essays, she documented the migrant workers who labor at the dairy farms of the Upper Valley. This book reveals the ways in which the migrant workers, who are our neighbors and yet who are often distanced by intercultural and linguistic barriers, have sought to build a sense of community and acceptance through the efforts of Dartmouth organizations. The project makes visible this essential workforce, with a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities, inequities, and challenges that they face on a daily basis. 

It can be pre-ordered for $49 and all the proceeds go to the Fuerza Farmworkers’ Fund!

The measurements of the book are 13» by 9.5», it is a luxury edition, chock full of extraordinary photos by Jorge Carlos Alvarez Diaz.

The venmo account is:
Contact Maria – Maria.C.De.Greiff@dartmouth.edu

Your are watching images from the mural «Sustainability and Solidarity Mural» at the Dartmouth Organic Farm. Photos by Jorge Carlos Álvarez.

This initiative is possible thanks to Fuerza Farmworkers’ Fund.

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